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Last night I was grocery shopping at my local Ralphs Supermarket and while walking down the magazine isle, an issue caught my eye. I quickly remembered that I was contacted by a publisher a  few weeks ago to print one of my blog entries. I grabbed the magazine and flipped through it and sure enough, I found the entry!

A publisher for a Gardening Magazine emailed me letting me know they found my WordPress blog, loved the photos and the tutorial and wanted to publish part of it. I, of course, agreed and couldn’t have been more excited.

What was produced was better than I expected! They even threw in a tiny bio with my name and website!

(I scanned the magazine in, so the quality may not be up to snuff)

Cover of the magazine

Cover of the magazine

Brief DIY with photos and bio

Brief DIY with photos and bio

I just wanted to share that! Thank you for reading!


Re-Purposed Wood Coffee Table


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Hello! I have been a bit busy with a major project coming up so I haven’t had much posting time. The good news is that the impending project will be the sole subject of this blog for a few months and hopefully it will be interesting. :)

Once again, I produced another reclaimed wood coffee table. This one was stained with a nice dark semi-transparent stain. The outcome of this table was so beautiful that I had to make one for myself.

Here are some photos:

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table (1) Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table (3) Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table (6) Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table (9)Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for some exciting news and a brand new project.

Shabby Chic Design


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I have noticed a great way to get the shabby chic look in building reclaimed wood furniture.

Behr Semi-Transparent Wood stain is great for accomplishing this. I have used three different colors and it gives a nice tint while keeping the original beauty of the wood.

Here are some colors and examples:

Finished with Behr Semi-Transparent Stain Cape Cod Gray

Finished with Behr Semi-Transparent Stain Cape Cod Gray

This close up really shows how the wood comes through nicely. Color of Semi-Transparent - Yellow Cream

This close up really shows how the wood comes through nicely. Color of Semi-Transparent – Yellow Cream

Color is Behr Semi-Transparent Sea Foam Green

Color is Behr Semi-Transparent Sea Foam Green

As you can see the stain gives a nice tint but you don’t lose the beauty of the flaws in reclaimed wood furniture.


Reclaimed Wood Side Table


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The newest piece of work out of my shop is a custom reclaimed wood side table. This is mainly built out of Douglas Fir salvaged from house framing and re-purposed here into a beautiful table.

The finish on the table is Behr Semit-Transparent Wood Stain, Cape Cod Gray with two coats of satin polyurethane.

Reclaimed Wood Table (1)

Reclaimed Wood Table (4)

Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed Wood Table (3)

For more information on my reclaimed wood shop, visit:

Thank you for your time!

Reclaimed Wood Candle Holders


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Here are my new reclaimed wood candle holders for sale in my shop. I plan to make different variations of these along with various finishes for them.

Made from re-purposed redwood 2x4s

Made from re-purposed redwood 2x4s

Next week I will post a quick DIY for these. If you have the tools and can make them, they are a really nice accent in a home.

For more information on my shop, click here: DesignRevolver on Etsy

Succulent Wall Art Installation


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I was recently contacted by Elana Joelle of EJH Brand to help her put together a vision she has for the California Gift Show.

Elana will be exhibiting her products and wanted to create a very large vertical succulent wall piece and attach her brand letters to it. The reclaimed wood succulent wall planter will be 6′ wide, 3′ tall and it will hang on the wall.

Normally I would build the frame and plant the succulents. This process takes a few weeks for the succulents to fully root. We have a time crunch however, so I had to come up with a way to get this thing vertical within 2 weeks and have it weigh less than 40 lbs…

We are in progress of putting the piece together and it will be up for display this weekend at the California Gift Show.

In the meantime I wanted to show some teaser photos of us putting it together:


Succulent from the Los Angeles Flower Mart

Succulents from the Los Angeles Flower Mart

Elana and I grabbing some moss and a few supplies.

Elana grabbing some moss and a few supplies.

Sanding the Succulent Frame

Sanding the Succulent Frame

Ready to start planting!

Ready to start planting!



Hours and hours of progress.

Hours and hours of progress

Stay tuned for the final piece! I’ll post pictures of it from the show.

Facebook Page


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Well, I finally took the plunge and made a Facebook page. About time!

I am focusing most of my efforts on the Reclaimed Wood realm. I will be making new decor items and continue to produce beautiful succulent wall art. 

Stay tuned for exciting news and new products. 

MEANWHILE, please like my Facebook page by going here:

Thank you! 

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table


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It’s been quite some time since I have posted! I have been busy lately with work and new ventures! Always exciting!

Well, I found time to make a custom order coffee table for someone. I liked it so much that I am now offering it in my Etsy shop. I am working on building a collection of reclaimed wood furniture that I can sell online, but I seem to sell the individual pieces before I get a chance to make that happen… I guess that’s a good problem to have. ;)

Here is my latest creation:



Custom reclaimed wood coffee table finished with semi-transparent Behr stain “Cape Cod Grey” and coats of flat polyurethane to protect the finish. 

The wood for this table came from an old tea house in the Hollywood Hills that was torn down recently. 

The flaws in the wood and the weathered look give this table a beauty that cannot be duplicated by any modern furniture. 

Here are a few more pictures:




Here is the link to my Etsy Shop:

Stay tuned for more! :)


Simple Pool Design Made to Look Luxury


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Here is a helpful tip to maximize the effect of a pool or water feature in a yard:

I have been working with a client who has a yard that is graded with a higher elevation in the rear portion of their yard. They were interested in putting a pool in this area, but didn’t want to have to grade the yard and wanted to take advantage of the fact that it is raised. They also have a fire pit close to where the pool would be built.

In working with them on the design we came up with a couple concepts to add an infinity edge that acts as a beautiful waterfall which can be seen while sitting around the fire pit in the yard or from outside of their living room. We also decided to move the fire pit into the infinity edge basin so water would surround it. Since they already have this raised elevation, incorporating this into the design was quite simple.

This is one of a couple of concepts that we are reviewing and deciding on:

Here is a concept night shot:

This pool is being designed to maximize the effect with the area they have. If built, it will make a beautiful addition to their yard.

This pool was designed to be built by Certified Swimming Pools of California.




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